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Existing Customer Upgrade Offers

Existing Customer Upgrade Offers

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Existing Customer Upgrades and Add-on Databases - Windows versions

Version 16 Upgrade for owners of earlier versions of the Collector's Assistant. - $86.95 (Pre-order for July 1 delivery)



Grading Assistant II Version 4 Upgrade (Pre-order)

Grading Assistant II Version 4 contains approximately 40 new coin images with graphic annotation as well as enhanced grading educational information. After adding cart you can add the Bullion Analyzer for $24.95 additional.

Grading Assistant II Version 4 upgrade ($34.95)



Combination of Grading Assistant II version 4 upgrade with our Book - Collecting Coins in Retirement- $54.90



World Coin Database add-on

Adds World Coin data to an existing Collector's Assistant

  • Comprehensive listings of Australia, Canada, Euro Coinage (Canadian values included)
  • Comprehensive listings of world bullion gold and silver coins with bullion values
  • Type listings of listings from 70+ other countries
  • User extendible

World Coin Database - $49.95



US Paper Money Database add-on

Add US Paper Money support to an existing Collector's Assistant

  • All US currency types listed in Friedberg's book
  • CDN Greensheet market values
  • Large notes, small notes, encased postage stamps, military payment certificates, fractional and more

US Currency Database - $34.95


Multi-Collectible Support

Provides customized data entry screens and report formats as well as preloadad choice lists for over 30 collectibles, including autographs, books, guns, knives, sports cards, and more. Also enables the user to create new collectibles.

MultiCollectible Upgrade $44.95