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Coin Collector's Assistant

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Coin Collector's Assistant - Coin Inventory Software - $99.95

Coin Collector's Assistant

Coin Collector's Assistant coin inventory software provides comprehensive cataloguing of your coin collection (Windows version) - order Mac OS/X Version here


Key Benefits - Collector's Assistant - Coin Collection Software

  • Comprehensive United States coin database listed by type, date, and mint mark
    • All US circulating coinage
    • Pre-1954 and modern commemoratives
    • Government sets
    • Bullion coinage
    • Updated annually
    • High quality pictures included for all United States coin type including all United States commemorative coins
    • Most complete US database of any Coin Collecting software
  • Current coin values provided by Coin World, the acknowledged industry leader. The only commerical coin software product to offer these values
  • Flexible and powerful report generation
    • User customizable
    • Single and multiline reports per item
    • Landscape or Portrait mode printing
    • User controlled sorting and selection
    • An unlimited number of report formats may be stored utilizing the full set of information fields
    • Label printing and other specialized formats (with or without pictures) (Windows version only)
    • QuickReport facility allows for complete user definition and reuse of report formats
  • Scanned image support
  • Flexible grouping of coins and handling of duplicates
  • Collector and Investor modes of tracking purchase and sales information
  • User loadable database of coin dealers
  • Search for coins meeting selected criteria, including enhanced saved QuickSearches
  • Automatic values calculated whenever grade is changed - smart algorithm uses best choice of exact grade match, nearby lower grade, bullion and face values
  • History of collection value and content in tabular and graphical form
  • User defined sets (Windows version only)
  • Unlimited number of coins inventoried
  • Comprehensive 2-level storage information (location / container) - specialized reports for inventory and insurance reporting.
  • Export selected coin listings (want lists, sell lists) for transmission on Internet or via E-mail or to other coin software related products
  • Over 40 information fields per coin including coin specifications, purchase & sales information, detailed condition and certification information, inventory codes, notes and more
  • Multi-level undo (Windows version only)
  • Full Print Preview functionality for printed reports
  • User Manual is supplied both as electronic help system and fully formated, printable MS Word document
  • Pictorial mint mark locator shows locations of mint marks on all US coin types (Windows version only)
  • PackNGo Facility eases move to a new computer
  • Tracks value changes after a value update highlighting coins that have increased/decreased by a user selected percentage or amount
  • Comprehensive calculations for coins with bullion content (Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium)
  • Direct output of multi-section reports to PDF files, which may be viewed on IPad, Nook, Kindle, IPhone and other mobile devices
  • and much more

Add-on Databases for the Coin Collector's Assistant

World Coin Database (add-on) $49.95 - Comprehensive listings of Australia, Canada, Euro Coinage and World Bullion-Gold and Silver coins. Type listings of many other countries and types.



Ancient Coin Database (add-on) $39.95 - Partial database of Greek, Roman, Judaic and Byzantine coins along with data entry screens customized for Ancient Coins. Handles mixed AD/BC dating, inscriptions, etc.


Multi-collectible support (add-on) $49.95 - data entry screens to support 30 other collectibles (books, autographs, knives, military,...) and user defined collectibles