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Comprehensive inventory software for collectibles of all types with a complete line of preloaded databases for coin and paper money collectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions most commonly asked by new users


How do I catalog my collection?

There are three basic steps

  • Creating a collection to which items will be added
    • Your items are contained in one or more collections that you create. For example a coin collector might create a collection named Silver Dollars or Morgan Dollars, whereas a book collector might create a collection named First Editions A collection is created using the Guide to Common Actions by selecting the collectible type (example Coin), entering a name for the collections (example Silver Dollars) and then clicking on Create a New Collection. (You will see the collection name added under the Collections group along the left hand side of the Collector's Assistant.
  • Adding items to your collection by either manual entry or copying them from one of our standard databases.
    • If one of our standard databases is available, open your collection by clicking on its name under the Collections Group and then click on Add Items to Collection. This will cause the standard database window to appear. You may then navigate through the database and select items to be added and then click on Copy to Current Collection.
    • If a standard database is not available, check the Manual Entry box in the Guide to Common Actions. This will change the behavior of the Add Items to Collection button so that it will not display the database selector, but instead will add a new item with the contents of the tabbed folders.
  • Editing information about an item in one of your collections
    • Once you have added items to your collections, you will want to enter information such as grade, cost, etc. This is done by selecting the item in your collection listing (this will populate the tabbed folders with the existing information). You may then make any edits on the tabbed folders which will cause the records to update in real time.