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Installation accepting all defaults is recommended. All files are placed in the folder CollectorAssistant on the c:drive (Windows installs)

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Frequently Asked Questions - Installation

Common installation issues


I clicked on the download link and did not start the download?

Security software sometimes modifies or deactivates links in email. To work around, copy the full text of the link to the URL line of your browser.


I tried to start the Collector's Assistant from its desktop icon, but received a message that I need the DotNet environment

The Collector's Assistant Version 8 and above uses the Microsoft DotNet environment which is usually installed on most recent Windows. Older XP installations sometimes lack this, in which case it may be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Download center.


I clicked on the icon for CA Mac but it would not start?

Recent Mac OS releases require that applications be notarized by Apple in order to be allowed to run. This requires V4 or above of Collector's Assistant, though if you have previously been running an earlier version of Collector's Assistant it may be allowed to run after upgrading the Mac OS version.