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Print->Current Collection is the simplest means of printing. The currently open collection will be printed exactly as you see it directly to the printer.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

This section of our FAQ addresses commonly asked questions about our printing support. More complete information about printing may be found in our Users Manual or in the Tips and Techniques area.


How do I alter the print margins to allow for hole punches

Global print margins (top/bottom) and (left/right) may be set under the Display/Printing section of User Preferences. You may set the margins in inches, the defaults ar .25".


Can I add a header or page number to my report?

These are controlled by the listing format. Display a collection and right click anywhere on the grid and click on Select Listing Grid Format. You may enter a header for this format and also check a box to include page numbers. The header may contain two special codes ($D - which will be replaced by todays date and $C which will be replaced with the collection name)


My reports are printing on multiple pages

If a report is too wide for one page, it will print on multiple pages (Windows version only). There are several things you can do to eliminate the extra pages.

  • Use Print Setup and select Landscape mode
  • Right click on the grid and click on Select Listing Grid Format. You can then remove unwanted columns or change column widths by direct manipulation of the small vertical lines between column headings.