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Internet downloads are manually verified prior to processing, you should expect to receive a download link within 24 hours of order placement (excluding weekends and holidays)

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Frequently Asked Questions - Shipment Issues

Questions regarding the shipment you received


I ordered several products but only received one CD?

Many of our products are installable from a single CD, based on the installation keycode we provide. For example the Collector's Assistant - Numismatics CD will install the Collector's Assistant as well as most of our coin and paper money databases. Our educational products are shipped on separate individual CD's (Grading Assistant, Top 100 and Survival Manual).


My CD appears to be damaged?

Defective CD's are rare but do occur. Usually there will be visible damage present on the shiny side of the CD. Defective CD's will be replaced at no charge. If you believe you have received a damaged CD, contact Carlisle Development for a replacement. If there is no visible damage it is usually worthwhile to attempt installation on another computer to confirm that the CD is defective so that if the problem is instead with the CD drive, it can be identified and corrected.

3. I don't have a CD drive on  my computer?

Collector's Assistant is available as an internet download, contact technical support for assistance