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If you are receiving bullion rather than numismatic values, click on Values under User Preferences and check that your spot prices for the precious metals are where you want them

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Frequently Asked Questions - Market Values

This section addresses issues associated with market values provided as a part of some of our standard coin and paper money databases.


I did not receive a value for my item

There are a number of reasons why a value will not appear. Market values are available for US Coins and US Paper Money. When purchased, values appear for most, but not all items in the database. There are typically three reasons you do not get a value. First you have not selected a grade for which a value is provided. Second, the item was manually entered instead of being copied from our database and third there is no value for that particluar item.

To determine the cause:

  • Click on Values->Display Values Table - if a values table appears then the only reason you would not pick up a value is if you have not selected a grade which is in the table or the Manual Value checkbox on the Item Detail tab is checked for that coin. The easiest way to select the grade is to click on one that is present in the table. This will assure that you pick up any necessary designations that are a part of the grade
  • If a values table does not appear, there are only two possiblities, the item was manually entered or no value was provided for that item. To determine which cause applies, Click on View->Standard Database. Navigate to the same item in our database and click on it. If it does not have a values table, then this is an item for which we do not provide values. If it does provide a values table, then your item must have been manually entered and should be recopied from the database.

Other important factors:

  • Some grades require a designation. For example high state copper coins must have R (red), RB (red-brown) or B (brown) at the end of their grade. A list of all current designations in provided in the tips and techniques section of our website.
  • No values are provided for Colonial Coins or Currency.
  • If no value is available for the grade you identify, in some cases we will accept the value of a slightly lower grade and indicate we have done so in the Value Info field.



I received a bullion value for my coin

If a value is not available based on the grade, for most silver and gold US coins we will return a bullion value based on the spot price you set under the Values section of User Preferences. For base metal coins we return face value.


I just received a market value update but nothing changed?

Installation of a market value update, updates our database but does not automatically affect your collections. To apply a values update to your collections, click on Updates->Apply Value Update to All Collections of Type->Coin. This will walk through all coins in all collections and apply the updated values. (Note-some users print out their collections prior to updating the values to preserve a record.)