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Mobile Applications Support

Mobile Applications Support

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Mobile Applications Support

Technical support for our mobile applications is provided via e-mail and this website. If calling our tech support phone number, please leave an e-mail address for our response.

This website provides additional information about issues you may encounter and how to resolve them as well as additional user instruction

CA Mobile Viewer User Manual - now available as a PDF file - click here to download

Common Problems and how to resolve them

Since CA Mobile Viewer does not store any user data, most problems may be resolved by exiting CA and restarting it or if necessary removing the app and reinstalling it from the app store. To exit CA, swich to the right control section and touch instructions. Then touch Exit Collector's Assistant.



User Instructions - Importing data from a Windows PC or Mac OS/X version of Collector's Assistant

Users of Collector's Assistant MobileViewer have their primary coin data stored on a PC version of Collector's Assistant and wish to use their iOS device for viewing their data. This requires transfer of the current collection data to the iOS device, which is accomplished via emailing a csv file.

Transferring data to the iOS device. The Collector's Assistant Version 10 (Service Pack 2) and above have a function on its menu (Mobile Synchronization->Export All Collection to CA Mac and CA Mobile 1.0.3) - this generates a file c:\CollectorAssistant\Transfer\CAAllCollectionsFromWindows.csv. This file must be eMailed to your email address using the account that is enabled on your iOS device. Once the file has been mailed, you use the Mail app on your device to open the mail and after downloading the attached file, hover on it and a list of apps that can accept it will be presented. Touch the CA Mobile Viewer app which will transfer the file to CA Mobile Viewer and open CA Mobile Viewer. 

To complete the transfer:

  • Touch Import Collections on the right controls section
  • Touch Import All Collections  (the button will change color until  the operation is complete


Detailed instructions are avaialble with iillstrations in the manual for which a link is provided at the top of this email.

Also, an abbreviated set of instructions is accessed within the app by touching "instructions" on the controls area tto the right.