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Collector's Assistant - Paper Money

Comprehensive preloaded database of all US Paper Money including market values.

Also available is a partial database of world banknote types.

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Currency Collecting Software - Currency Collector's Assistant     $109.95

Currency Collector's Assistant paper money inventory software provides comprehensive cataloguing of your paper money collection.

  • Comprehensive United States Paper Money Database with market values - updated listings. Includes all US Paper money, as well as specialized items such as Encased Postage Stamps, Fractional Currency, Allied Military Currency, Confederate and Colonial notes. Includes comprehensive numismatic data and images for most collector notes.
  • Flexible grouping of your currency
  • Wide array of columnar reports are user customizable as to column content, order, width, font color, alignment and numerical formatting
  • 2D Report generator produces Index Cards, flip inserts, labels, picture catalogs and more - standard reports included are all user customizable
  • Sort - multi-level sorts using all information fields
  • Grouping of items based on field content
  • Find function located items matching user specified criteria
  • Export data to other products such as MS Excel
  • User customizable data entry screens - add fields, redesign screens
  • Backup and restore
  • PacknGo facility eases move to another computer
  • Estate Planning -allocation to heir and disposition instructions
  • Instructions available within product and full illustrated manual provided as a PDF document
  • Values are assigned based on grade, with support for lower numismatic grades, bullion and face values as alternates.
  • Database Selector allows user to filter database type eliminating items already in collection
  • Unlimited number of items may be catalogued
  • and much more

Paper Money Collector's Assistant - Main Screen