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How do I move to a new computer?

Use the Prepare for Move to a New Computer function under File->Backup & Restore on the main menu

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General Questions at Installation time


Installation - My keycode is not accepted, the next button is not active?

In almost all instances, the keycode has not been entered correctly. If your keycode is entered into a single box, it must be entered exactly including dashes and letters entered with proper case. If the keycode is entered into three boxes, the dashes are not entered.


Running the Application for the First Time - receive message indicating MS DotNet environment is needed

Many of our products use the Microsoft DotNet environment. This is installed on most systems, but if it is not on yours, you may download and install it from this link to the Microsoft site.

DotNet installation - Microsoft website


Is there a manual available?

If you are running Version 11 or above, the best help in getting started is the How To Help accessible within the product by clicking on Help. It presents illustrated step by step for each function you need to perform. All of our products are provided with an illustrated manual in electronic form (PDF or MS Word document). These manuals are installed in the installation folder of the product (example CollectAsst) or a subfolder named Manual (example CollectorAssistant\Manual\) Manuals for the current versions are also online on our Tech Support pages

4. How do I move to a new computer?

Collector's Assistant provides a built in function to duplicate your installation on a new computer with a single click. The function is accessed under File->BackupRestore. It populates a USB flash drive with a 1-click install if taken to the new computer. Go to the Tips & Techniques area under Technical Support where there is a detailed note on its use.

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