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Database and Market Value Updates

Database and Market Value updates and subscriptions - Windows users

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Database & Market Value Updates and Subscriptions - Windows users

note - order 2024 US Coin Database with values at the bottom of this page

Internet Update Subscriptions

Keep your database listings and market values up to date via our internet subscriptions:

Internet program advantages:

  • Real time updating of US Coin listings as issued by the Mint
  • Optional periodic updates to
    • US Coin Market Values
    • US Paper Money Listings and Values
    • World Coin Listings
  • Updates delivered from within the product by clicking on Update Now buttons
  • No mailing delay
  1 - year subscription


Our new 2-year update subscription also includes all upgrades to the Collector's Assistant application, including at least one new major version during each 2-year period.

    2 - year subscription (includes upgrades to Collector's Assistant Application)


2024 US Coin Database with Values

Delivered via internet download

Program Advantages

  • no activation codes, install once per year
  • includes most 2024 circulation coinage and some commemoratives, sets and bullion issues

CD Program disadvantages

  • Updated annually, so new listings added during the current year are not picked up until the next update. (usually contains about 85% complete information for the current year.)

2024 US Coin Database Update with Values - $60.90